United First Parish Church
A member of the Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations
1306 Hancock Street, Quincy, Massachusetts

United First Parish Church Covenant

As a free fellowship of this historic church,
We unite to lift our hearts and open our minds to a larger reality;
To accept, support, and encourage one another;
To seek the wisdom in all religions;
To cherish and sustain the web of life;
And the strive for justice, compassion, and peace.

Adopted in 1991

United First Parish Church Mission Statement

United First Parish Church, Unitarian Universalist, is a welcoming and inclusive spiritual community in the heart of Quincy. As the Church of the Presidents, we are inspired by our democratic heritage.

United by our covenant and drawing meaning from many sources, our community of all ages promotes spiritual growth, creative expression and freedom of thought.

Grounded in love and guided by compassion, we are called to raise our voices and take action for truth and justice, equity and peace.

Adopted May 22, 2016

United First Parish Church Vision Statement

United First Parish Church envisions for the year 2023 a future where:

Our vibrant and inclusive congregation offers worship services and programs that promote spiritual exploration, social justice, and creative expression.

Our historic church and grounds are universally accessible. People of all ages and abilities participate fully in the life of the congregation and enjoy our beautiful and multi-functional space.

Our commitment to long-term financial sustainability ensures that the congregation can continue to fulfill its mission in future generations. Through wise use of all our resources and assets, we generate ample revenue to make our vision a reality and to meet future goals. Our relationships with community partners, whose work aligns with our mission, are strong and collaborative.

Our building, through careful and considered planning, is a hub of activity utilized by the congregation, community partners, and the general public. All are truly welcome.

Adopted May 22, 2016